Technician Recertification Fees (for CEH only)

Top Techs Stay Certified! Pay for your NATE recertification fees online. For more information, visit Call 877-420-6283 to confirm NATE ID and certifications, if needed.

This product attribute is for products that need a Nate ID manually verified by the Nate Team.  

The price must be from $25.00 to $65.00

These fees are only for technicians seeking recertification of NATE certifications who already have a minimum of 16 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) recorded to NATE. You can only recertify for NATE certifications earned. You can check CEH recorded by logging in at or calling 877-420-6283, if needed.

For more information on recertification via CEH, visit

To order, do not select quantity--simply enter the dollar amount based on the number of certifications you want to renew (see guidance below), click Add to Cart, and proceed with the ordering instructions.

NOTE: Heat Pump recertification includes Air Conditioning recertification at no additional cost and Service recertification includes Installation recertification at no additional cost. 

A technician can renew mulitple certifications at the same time, provided the CEH are recorded to NATE:

One recertification


Two recertifications (Service and Installation certifications in the same specialty count as one recertification)


Three recertifications


Four recertifications


Five or more recertifications

$25 plus $5.00 each

Senior Efficiency Analyst recertification

$25.00 (all other recertifications linked are included at no additional cost)

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