Preparing For The NATE Exam: Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps


Preparing for the NATE Exam is a series of training manuals designed to give HVACR technicians and installers the tools they need to be successful in mastering the key concepts required to pass the NATE examinations. Each manual in the series is written in clear and concise language and illustrated with full color-color graphics that clarify important details.

The Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps title is approximately 200 pages and includes the following topics:

  • Human Comfort and System Selection
  • Heat Transfer and the Basic Refrigeration Cycle
  • System Components
  • Electrical Components
  • Installation Guidelines
  • Reading Electrical Schematics
  • Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits
  • System Performance Checks
  • Appendix – Answers to Review Questions

Note:  To protect the integrity of the NATE exam, no active NATE test questions appear in the end-of-chapter practice questions in this guide.

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